Sunday, July 5, 2009


Bentley Helps Keep Austin Weird

AUSTIN, TX is known for a lot of things: bats under bridges, a thriving Bohemian culture, a lively jazz scene and Ann Richards.

But what the Texan capital isn’t really known for is its predilections for Bentleys. Well, that’s about to change (somewhat)…

Bentley Motors has announced that it has added its 47th (!) dealership to the North American market (which comprises Canada, the Caribbean, the United States of Mexico, and these United States) by giving its blessing to Austin’s John Eagle dealer network who will open a Bentley salon on Research Boulevard in April.

Last year, Bentley expanded its sale network to include Honolulu, Minneapolis (?), and Salt Lake City (??), which at this rate means like Walgreens and CVS, there will be a 24-hr Bentley dealer on the nearest corner of your own town.

And as for the uber-luxury car maker’s presence in Texas’ artsy heart, well, as they say, it’s all a part of keepin’ Austin weird.

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