Sunday, July 5, 2009

Corolla Car

In the Driver's Seat: Strong on quality and safety

Inside, the Corolla boasts a simple, functional layout and high-quality materials. Air conditioning controls are of the simple three-dial variety, while my test car's stereo (link goes to photo) was integrated with the optional navigation system, which meant fairly straightforward operation via the system's touch screen. The nav system has a memo function that allows you to set daily alerts -- very handy, as are the dual gloveboxes.

The front seats were fairly comfortable, though I could have done with a bit more thigh support. I'm 5'6", so I imagine that while those shorter than me will find the seat just fine, taller folks might find it a bit too small. But the seat's height adjuster is a boon for all. One of my complaints about the outgoing Corolla was that the driving position put me either too close to the pedals or too far from the steering wheel. The new Corolla's steering wheel tilts (adjusts up-and-down) and telescopes (in-and-out), so that problem has been solved.

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